Helping People, Helping Pets


Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue lost and surrendered pets that are at the end of their rope. Most commonly, we provide sanctuary for cats that are trapped in city shelters and destined for euthanasia. Some of these pets are geriatric, scared or just lost without a friend. They deserve to live without fear. Please help us help them find a forever home.


Our History

Founded in 2017, The Green Paw rescues lost pets that come from over-crowded, high stress shelters where there is little hope of escaping clinical euthanasia if they are not adopted quickly. These neglected pets need a calm, loving environment to recover and decompress from a lifetime of fear and stress. From there we place them in their new homes with families that love and understand them and their past.


The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe

We have a cat rescue cafe at 1926 Cherokee Street in Saint Louis, MO. If you are considering adopting a rescued cat, please come visit us and we will find the perfect pet for you and your family. If not, just come enjoy our social cats and art inspiring environment! Let the cats inspire you! We have coffee, cakes, cookies and more.